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Permanent Jewelry is here!

Add expresion to your everyday wardrobe with our welded permanent jewelry.

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Permanent Jewelry

Continued Stories

Buying an estate or preowned piece from our collection allows you keep a piece of history. It is also extremely sustainable and greatly reduces any impact to the environment. By purchasing from this collection you will contiune their story and yours.

Ethically Sourced

We offer conflict free jewelry that follows the strict guidelines set by the Kimberly Process. Our conflict free diamonds have certification and warranty guaranteeing your stone, from the mine to a finished product we can assure you that it has been sourced humanely and ethically.

Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing in its industry, and that its products will be timeless.

Steve Jordans

Blake and Mattie made the process of buying an engagement ring enjoyable from start to finish. Laid back, yet young professionals who have a back with creating a comfortable environment for their clientele. My fiancée and I had a fun experience and we can’t get over the great job that they’ve done!

Alex Boudreaux

I reached out to Blake and Mattie about getting a necklace for my wife on a short notice. Not only did they get it done, but they were extremely accommodating and understanding of the situation. The piece came out perfect and was absolutely beautiful! I cannot recommend Acadian Estates & Custom more, amazing service and quality!

John Broussard